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pharmaceutical products transport

In the scope of activities linked to logistics and transport of pharmaceutical products, Mory set up specific process and specialized subsidiaries in order to guarantee you a secured management of the goods, through the creation of the Mory Pharma entity.

Literally speaking, the pharmaceutical activity sector directly handles with public healthcare, and with all issues that refer to it.
Hence, requests and expectations in terms of operations are numerous, and require from the service provider an approach different from the one that the "standard" Messagerie might offer

While still remaining a traditional transport provider, Mory also put in place specific process and subsidiaries in order to guarantee a secured management of the goods of the pharmaceutical industry:

Key points

  • Respect of the products specificities: respect of good distribution practices (specific delivery process for dispensaries, hospitals, wholesalers...), respect of the hygiene conditions, implementation of specific process for pending orders.
  • Contracts between laboratories and Mory: taking into consideration customers' expectations ; 100% quality
  • Insulation & security of Pharma goods in all the distribution network : dedicated and secured areas
  • A dedicated organisation with trained and aware staff, on each Mory subsidiary
  • A specific labelling with the "P+" letter, allowing us the visual identification of the Pharma parcels, and having the Pharma process applied in all the distribution network

Mory Pharma, the specialist for pharmaceutical products transport, is now built up with three hubs entirely dedicated to the transit of this kind of goods (Mitry-Mory, Artenay and Lyon), and with a dedicated site for Greater Paris area distribution only (Alfortville).
Over 12,000 square meters are thus dedicated to pharmaceutical products handling.

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